We are able to keep fees to a minimum due to the sacrificial gift of time by parents and generous volunteers, the gift of financial support by individuals and churches, and the gift of premises and resources by the South of Reading Christian Fellowship.


Preschool Age 3

£ per term

Learning to Read Age 4

£ per term

Reception to Age 11

£ per term

Age 12+***

£ per term

Fees Funded* £150 per morning £1,000 £1,100
Materials/regular activities nil nil £150 £180
Total term charge Funded ** £1,150 £1,280
Payable by start of term in advance, or 10 monthly installments (September to June)  





* A Preschool is fully funded by the local authority for 15 hours. Please ask for details.

** Learning to Read stage is charged at £150 per morning per term, eg. £750 per term for 5 mornings a week.  Fees for this stage are payable in advance.

*** Fees for those over 12 years includes the cost of attending European Student Convention.

Where parents are unable to support the school by giving three hours per week, per family, they will be billed an additional Parental Commitment charge of £750 per year for the first child only. This can be spread at £75pm over 10 months.

Some occasional ad hoc costs may be charged in addition to the above, eg diagnostic tests, ICCE Registration.


Sibling Fee Discounts

Fees for a second child in the school will be discounted by £100 per term.

Fees for a third child in the school will be discounted by £250 per term.

Fees for a fourth+ child in the school will be discounted by £350 per term.

Please note: there is likely to be a small increase in school fees year-on-year; please ask for details. 

Before your student starts at the VCS from Reception year and above, a deposit of £450 is to be paid in advance. This deposit will be refunded once the student leaves the school, having given one full term’s notice of leaving.

Admission arrangements – interested enquirers should contact the School to arrange a visit; an application form should be completed for each child for whom a place is being sought; on receipt of this, the School arrange an interview.


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