• To produce a secure and stable atmosphere and environment where students can grow in knowledge of God and understanding of His word.

• To promote attitudes of self-discipline, honesty, integrity, perseverance, appreciation, consistency, responsibility, thoroughness and the exercise of initiative and self-motivation through daily tasks and training.

The Individual
• We respect each person as God’s unique creation. We want to train and equip their character and gift; develop their personal responsibility; recognise their freedom to choose; encourage them towards their calling in life.

• We view work as God-given and good. We work to please God and our employers.

• To encourage students to think Biblically and responsibly about world issues.

• To teach students that life is about knowing God and walking in his ways.

• To impart the skills of independent study, logical thought, the analysis and interpretation of acts, not just their acquisition.

• To encourage a desire to contribute to others within society, an awareness of the needs of those around, and sensitivity to the call of God to find a place of service.