Mission Statement

The Vine Christian School seeks to glorify God by preparing students for a useful and productive Christian life by providing a Bible-based education with a staff that are committed Christians in full agreement with the school’s vision.

The School is seen as an extension of church and family life, where children of different ages and aptitudes learn to work and play together, under the supervision of teachers, parents and friends, in an environment that is consistent with the faith and Biblical values of the home. Respect, honour and consideration for others, whatever their background, are actively promoted. Clear boundaries are set to ensure a peaceful working environment.
The curriculum approach should instil self-motivation and the setting of realistic goals. Out of a concern for the whole person, emphasis is placed on Christ-like character development, as well as progress in academic, aesthetic, physical and practical areas.

The curriculum is broad and balanced as staff, parents and friends provide out of their own skills and resources. It is intended to promote a Christ-centred view of life, in accordance with Christian doctrine, through curriculum, administration and pastoral care.
All adults involved are themselves committed to Biblical patterns of living in their own lives and seek to be examples of service and co-operation as they serve Christ together. They are willing to work sacrificially for the good of the whole school in teaching, practical, administrative and domestic duties and are committed to preserving good relationships between all involved.

As members of the body of Christ we need a common understanding of spiritual authority, accountability and commitment to one another. Having an understanding of these principles ensures good working relationships.