The following is a foundation on which the values and goals of the School are built:

God is the creator and ruler of the universe. All of life is subject to Him and belongs to Him. Man’s thinking about himself, the world and God needs to be holistic, rather than segmented. We do not accept false divisions between the secular and the religious. All disciplines need to be integrated with an understanding and perspective of a Godly approach to that discipline.

Human beings are created in the image of God. As such, they need to learn how to be good stewards of their abilities, recognising their own ‘uniqueness’. They equally need to become aware of their place in the wider community.

The School exists to help parents educate their children with a Biblical philosophy that is in line with that emanating from home and church. It must be an extension of family life.

To prepare properly for life, children need to have wisdom, understanding and knowledge. These are all to be found in God and therefore God has to be the focus. Fearing (respecting and understanding) God is the foundation of wisdom. Understanding is the ability to perceive what God is doing in our lives, in the lives of others and in the world. Knowledge consists of knowing who God is, who man is and what God’s world is like.

Good character, a sense of responsibility, honesty and integrity are all goals of a good education. It is not possible simply to inform the mind without training the character.

The ultimate goal of all training at home and in school is to produce students with the self-control to order their own lives, the initiative and skills to develop their abilities and talents, and the unselfishness to work for the good of others, as unto the Lord.