Families who are committed to the school endorse the Mission statement of The Vine Christian School.
Parents have the primary responsibility before God for educating their children, working in partnership with church and school to prepare the children for Christian life.
We see the role of parents in the education of their children as all-important, and seek to work together with good, open communication.

The following values are shared by those committed to The Vine Christian School and its ongoing development, and underpin all that we do.

• The uniqueness of each child before God and the importance of their whole and full development – spiritually, physically, intellectually, aesthetically, creatively, socially, behaviourally, practically and emotionally.

• Freedom to promote and develop a Biblical world view in all areas of school life. We aim to develop a Biblical approach in all aspects of curriculum, administration and pastoral care.

• Servanthood and stewardship. We put emphasis, by our example and teaching, on learning to serve as Jesus did and learning to steward our lives and resources on a Biblical basis.

• Commitment to excellence in all aspects of school life. We try to do the best we can, and we encourage children to give of their best in everything they do.

• We aim to be interested in everything about the children in our care, as God is interested in us.

• Clear and consistent discipline. We work to maintain fair discipline throughout the School with a clear code of conduct that all staff and parents uphold.

• The development of good, clear and open relationships between people at all levels of school life. We foster a family environment by encouraging friendships with all, that are caring and honest relationships and where differences are resolved clearly in an atmosphere of forgiveness and reconciliation.

• Respect for authority and honour for all. We teach pupils to respect authority as given by God to parents, teachers and others in the School, Church and local communities.