The earlier a student starts the more benefit they will gain from this system. Entrance is not based on IQ, achievement or ability. Students will be subjected to diagnostic testing purely to place them on the correct level of study for their needs, and to address any gaps in their learning. Students of 5 years old and above may enter the ABCs class subject to scoring 80% or above on a reading readiness diagnostic test. Please note that admission to the ABCs class is at the beginning of the academic year or the term of its instigation.
The previously outlined statement of belief forms the underlying principles of the school, therefore it is a requirement of entry that the families of students adhere to and practise these standards in partnership with the school. It should also be noted that the primary
aim of the school is to help Christian parents fulfil their God-given responsibilities, and therefore a high level of involvement is expected from parents.

Currently parents are required to give 3 hours per week per family to help the school.

Pupils are only admitted following an interview with the members of Management staff and Trustees, and will usually, only be admitted at the beginning of a term or half term. Following interview and registration, parents are required to pay a £25.00 non-returnable deposit to cover the cost of diagnostic testing. Parents will also be required to attend a half-day Parent Orientation Course every two years.