Morning Curriculum
The Vine Christian School has adopted The Accelerated Christian Education Programme (ACE) which is used by Christian educators all over the world. It is an individualised educational spiral that progresses the student from the basics through to advanced level; all at the student’s own pace. The focus is not teaching but learning; at The Vine Christian School the students spend the greater part of their day studying with trained staff on hand to assist where needed. The ACE curriculum is designed to promote mastery, avoid learning gaps and to allow each individual student to attain their personal best. Add to this personal goal setting, scoring and testing and you have the recipe for highly motivated, focused and capable individuals who can enter their careers and further education equipped not just to cope but to overcome.

The ACE core curriculum is made up of five core subjects:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • Word Building ~ handwriting, spelling and grammar
  • Social Studies ~ history, geography and Bible

The core curriculum is enhanced and expanded with a wide variety of extension and elective subjects. These include Spanish, Health, Art, Music, and Business Studies.

During their final year, pupils will have completed one of the International Certificates of Christian Education (ICCE) ranging from basic through to advanced according to the student’s capabilities. ICCE qualifications are accepted by many colleges and universities throughout the United Kingdom.


Afternoon Curriculum
Afternoon lessons take on a more traditional classroom format. Pupils are taught a wide range of subjects to complement the ACE curriculum.
Subjects currently on the syllabus are:

  • Geography and History
  • English
  • PSHE and Citizenship
  • Science – Practical
  • ICT
  • Careers
  • Art