Christian Education Europe

Christian Education Europe (CEE) has played a key part in the growth of the Christian Schools movement in the UK and across Europe during the last 25 years.

At The Vine Christian School, we have appreciated very much the excellent support and services our school has received from CEE.
Not only when we were first establishing the school over 10 years ago, but in the years that have followed, we have been able to develop the work of the school with the invaluable support of CEE staff and other Christian schools in the network.

Christian Education Europe encourages, inspires and equips Christian teachers and parents to provide a radically different educational experience for children and young people in the UK and across Western Europe. For those wanting a Christian ethos and distinctively bible-based curriculum, CEE offers an individualised learning programme – Accelerated Christian Education, staff training and in-school assistance.

CEE is helping not just Christian schools, but also the growing number of parents wanting to take full responsibility for their children’s education, through the home-education arm of CEE, called TEACH. TEACH is able to provide materials and support as well as access to a network of like-minded parents, through the regional homeschooling groups across the UK and annual TEACH camp.

As we can affirm, here in Reading, running a Christian school or home-school is not an option for the faint-hearted, so access to quality educational materials, support and training is very important.

Also, it is so encouraging for The Vine Christian School to be part of something bigger, making a real difference for parents, teachers and students. We’re really pleased to be able to attend the annual Educator’s Conference, in-service training days, and particularly the European Student Convention, where our students gather for sporting, musical and drama events, fellowship and bible teaching with hundreds of other like-minded young people from Christian Schools and Homeschools. For many students, this is the highlight of the year and the culmination of months of preparation. Thanks to the discipleship and training element, it has also proved to be a turning point in the lives of many students.

To find out more about the important work of Christian Education Europe please follow this link to the ministry’s website:

Christian Education Europe