The Vine Christian School was inspected by Ofsted on 11–13 March 2014. The overall evaluation was Outstanding. For a copy of the 2014 Inspection report please click here.

Quoting the report:

Summary of key findings
This school is outstanding because:
Pupils make very rapid progress in academic subjects including English and mathematics. Opportunities to excel in literacy and mathematics are provided in all subjects of the curriculum and teachers and pupils take full advantage of this.
Teachers make an excellent contribution by interpreting the PACES curriculum so as to explain and enrich it. They also ensure that pupils complete their current PACES before they are allowed to proceed to the next stage. This ensures that pupils fully understand what they have been taught.
Because of the way that Christianity is woven through all that the school does, the school meets its aims very well and is successful in supporting pupils’ personal and academic development and in helping them to develop a strong moral compass.
Pupils are very well behaved. They are polite and show much consideration for adults and their fellow pupils.
The school’s leaders understand well what constitutes outstanding teaching and learning and ensure that it happens almost all of the time. Their involvement of parents as volunteers is also impressive.

The Vine Christian School was also inspected by Ofsted on 29th−30th November 2010

Below are  two excerpts from the report:

Evaluation of the School – (Page 3)

“The school meets its aims and the quality of education provided is good… The curriculum provides a Christian background for all who work in the school. The good quality of teaching enables pupils to make good progress. Pupils enjoy school and they are courteous and respectful.”


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils – (Page 5)

“The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils is outstanding. Relationships between pupils and all who work in the school are very positive and respectful and underpin the school’s strong moral and Christian ethos. Daily prayers are an enjoyable routine for pupils and help to develop a sense of family spirituality from an early age. Pupils’ attitudes to work are very good. Behaviour is outstanding and the pupils’ social development is helped very well through the mixing of pupils of different ages in the same classroom.”