School Organisation

The working school day operates from 8.45am-3.30pm, Monday – Friday.
Morning Break is 10 minutes, Lunch Break 45 minutes and Afternoon Break is 15 minutes.
Students are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit to eat at break time and drink from their water bottle throughout the day.

All students bring a packed lunch and eat together under supervision. We aim to encourage healthy eating habits, and therefore, do not generally allow theeating of confectionery during the school day, or the
drinking of any carbonated drink. Exceptions would be the merit shop and birthdays or special occasions.

All students are required to wear the official school uniform, and to adhere to the school dress code at all times. We believe that dress code is important, primarily to glorify the Lord, but also to help improve the students’ self-image, to promote better discipline and high academic achievement, and to create a sense of belonging and unity.
Students attending school activities on or off campus, during or after school hours must wear the appropriate items of school uniform. Guests at the school or school sponsored activities are encouraged to wear clothes of smart and modest appearance in keeping with school standards.