Donations and Gifts

We aim to meet the very basic day-to-day running costs of the school through the contributions from participating families alongside the generous support of South Reading Christian Fellowship. However, we need to raise more finances in order to pay for staff, maintain the school facilities and develop these further.
We are very grateful for all financial support however large or small.

Since the launch of The Vine Christian School in 2003, many individuals, have made generous gifts of money which have enabled the work of Christ-centred education in Reading to develop and grow. Sometimes gifts have been made for particular projects while other gifts have been made towards general running costs.

Bursary Scheme

Occasionally we have families who want to continue their children’s education but hit financial hardship, or families who would like to have their children attend but have difficulty raising the required monthly contribution.

If you would like to support such families financially or to sponsor a child, however small a monthly commitment, please contact the school office for more details.