Preschool Fees & Registration


To arrange a tour with Mrs Gower, head of preschool, or to register for a place, please contact the preschool by:

telephone 0118 988 6464



Most children are entitled to 15 hours free childcare, for up to 38 weeks a year, subsidised by the government, from the term after their 3rd birthday (30hr where applicable) up to and including the term that they turn 5. This can be taken in any combination of sessions (minimum of three), subject to availability.

If your child is in school for the lunchtime session then a Lunch Club Session fee becomes payable – note that Lunch Club cannot be taken as part of the free entitlement.

Hours attended above the free entitlement will be charged at the rates shown below.

3 HOUR SESSION £15.00 (unfunded 3-4 year olds)

Payment for a term’s Lunch Club and other sessions is due in full by the start of that term, by bank transfer.

15 HOURS A WEEK FREE EARLY YEARS FUNDING – For eligible children, we offer this entitlement in the form of five x 3 hour sessions.  We try to be as flexible as we can in how your child’s 15 hours of free education are taken so as to fit in with your needs, subject to availability.  For example you may take five morning sessions, or five afternoon sessions, or two full days and a half day (this combination would require 2 paid Lunch Clubs) or a combination of morning and afternoon sessions.

30 HOURS A WEEK FREE FUNDING – We provide a limited number of places for 30 hours a week free of charge to working families in our local community who qualify for entitlement.

Parents can apply for this 30 hours a week entitlement via the Childcare Choices website and then supply us with the 11 digit ‘DERN’ eligibility code.

RECEPTION CHILDREN – Please note that if your child is in Reception they may still be eligible for free funding up to and including the term of their 5th birthday.  Terms for the remainder of Reception year are billed in accordance with the Fees page.

OTHER POINTS TO CONSIDERWe are able to provide day care for 3 and 4 year old children between the hours of 8.45am – 3.15pm from Monday to Friday during our term time only.  So if you would like your child to attend for more than 15 hours, then it is possible to pay for additional sessions over the 15 hours of free funding each week (if you are not entitled to the 30 hours offer).

We are also happy to offer places to children whose parents don’t wish to use their full 15 hours a week entitlement with us if we have sessions available.  If your child attends two providers, it is usually possible to split the funding between us and the other early years provider – please contact us for details.