The Vine At Home


If you are one of the growing number of families that would like to home-school, with the peace of mind of following a structured curriculum, where your child can enjoy interaction with other students, then our Vine at Home offering may be the answer for you.

The Vine at Home is our full school offering, two days are on site at the Vine, which gives your child enough interaction with others to feel a part of the school, and three days are with you at home, following the same material. Our core academic material, PACES, were designed for home schooling, and we augment that with online virtual lessons, pre-recorded lessons and other resources. For your peace of mind, we regularly assess all students to gauge how they are progressing in line with their peers.


  • For students aged 4 to 18 who live too far away from the Vine Christian School to attend every day.
  • For those students needing to flex schooling around other giftings such as sporting or musical practices.
  • For those parents who would enjoy greater input into their children’s education.
  • For those parents who want to home-school with the assurance a structured curriculum brings.
  • For those who want a Christian education where the Lord is at the centre of their learning.


  • ACE curriculum is tried and tested and provides recognised qualifications equivalent to GCSE and A Levels.
  • Qualified and experienced teachers and supervisors on hand to help you.
  • Friendly and happy learning environment.
  • Small class sizes (generally 6 – 9) and children work at a level appropriate to their needs.


  • Two days in school (Monday when we review progress and set goals, and another day of your choice, perhaps to include team sports/activities)
  • Three days at home, following a very clear weekly academic programme, and online/offline access to supplementary lessons
  • One-to-one online access to the teacher – dedicated time slot on home days
  • Access to all resources
  • Academic progress will be tracked by the Vine school (student would be registered as a part-time student at the Vine School)
  • Join in live to daily devotions
  • Join all field trips/school functions etc
  • Evidence of all work to be submitted online to the school for students’ personal folders.
  • School uniform to be worn on school days
  • Fees would be the same as those for full time students, as the resources are the same.

If you are interested in finding out more, please call the office on 0118 988 6464 and ask for an appointment with the Head Teacher.