Ofsted Reports


The school is inspected by Ofsted who assess whether as an Independent school, we meet the Education (Independent Schools Standards) Regulations 2014.


 The school does not meet all of the independent school standards that were checked during this inspection ”

The October 2020 monitoring visit was not a full Inspection but looked specifically at Part 3 of the Standard on Welfare, Health and Safety of Pupils.  The school met 9 out of 10 sub sections of the Standard and is now implementing an action plan to remedy the remaining requirement for a potential progress monitoring inspection early in 2021.

These include:

  • Ensuring students are actively told that they can discuss with their teacher anything that is worrying them.
  • Greater depth of staff training on safeguarding, and specifically greater awareness of signs of abuse.
  • Improving our record-keeping of safeguarding concerns.
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead networking for updates on local contextual safeguarding issues outside the school.
  • Ensuring the above actions are delivered and that standards are fully understood and embedded in the workflows of the leadership and management team.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about the additional monitoring inspection and the overall progress of the school.

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