Our Promise


The Vine Christian School promises to be a safe and stimulating place for your child to be nurtured whilst experiencing the joys of learning.  

As a Christian School we will incorporate the Christian faith into our education, giving the students a sense of self-worth, love, and acceptance of others and moral values.  Your child will be treated as an individual and encouraged to develop their own identity whilst learning to value and respect others. We will work with you to ensure your child has every opportunity to develop and grow emotionally, academically, and socially.  We will be available to meet with you by appointment whenever required. Your child’s work will always be available for you to inspect.

Keeping your child safe when they are in our care and learning environment is our number one priority. We recognise that in these days we cannot be complacent in our efforts to keep all our pupils safe.  The Vine Christian School follows a robust programme of training for its entire staff, to ensure they are well informed of all current legislation. We also ensure our pupils have opportunities during structured lessons and pastoral time to learn, share, and discuss how to stay safe. We will keep all staff members up to date in their child protection training, being diligent in looking for signs of child abuse, raising the alarm before it can ruin a young person’s life, and spoil their view of themselves, others, and ultimately a God who cares. That is our promise. Our safeguarding policies can be viewed in their entirety by contacting the school office.