What Is The A.C.E Curriculum?

The A.C.E. Educational Programme has been produced by Christians with advanced degrees in Education and years of classroom experience. Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) has been used in British Christian schools for over twenty years.

The programme is reviewed and updated continuously, and its distinctive features are:
– biblical traditional values,
– academic excellence,
– diagnostic testing,
– individualised instruction,
– mastery-based learning, and
– reasoning skills.

The core of the curriculum:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • Word Building – handwriting, spelling and grammar
  • Social Studies – history, geography and Bible study

In the ACE curriculum, each subject is presented in workbooks called PACE’s. PACE’s are working documents which lead the students stage by stage through each subject. Students master the material at a speed consistent with their ability as they work in private workstations/offices in the Learning Centre. The knowledge in a PACE builds upon what the child has learned in the previous PACE’s. In this way he or she is constantly adding to a store of knowledge. PACE’s allow children to progress steadily through the curriculum, building a firm base of understanding. Advancement to new material is not permitted until testing demonstrates that the student has thoroughly comprehended all the material contained in the previous PACE.

The Learning Centre develops responsibility, concentration and self-control while the wisdom inherent in the PACE content develops truthfulness and unselfishness. All other classes enrich and build on this solid foundation.

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The Vine Christian School provides academic training in a Christian atmosphere that enriches lives, builds character, and encourages full-time Christian living and service.