What Qualifications Will My Child Get?


What is the ICCE?

The International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) exists to provide Christian qualifications at a high standard for students studying on the Accelerated Christian Education programme throughout the world.

The ICCE is a Christian qualification for secondary students across four continents. The ICCE was set up to give recognition to work completed over a number of years by students using the A.C.E. curriculum. ICCE graduates continue to gain entrance to colleges and universities around the world.
The International Certificate of Christian Education is a similar standard to GCSE through to A level and is recognised by many employers, colleges and universities in the UK and elsewhere. Six levels of certificate are offered.

How does ICCE work?
The ICCE works on a similar basis to a baccalaureate awarding students a single qualification based on their overall performance.

Below are listed the six levels of the ICCE that are available to  all our students and reflect the varying abilities of the individual. Upon completion of the appropriate coursework each student will receive a certificate showing the overall grade which is supplemented by a breakdown of the grades achieved in individual subjects. The ICCE is a proven and successful qualification which allows Christians to remain true to their faith whilst allowing their children the opportunity of a first class education.

  • Basic Certificate
  • Foundation Certificate
  • General Certificate
  • Intermediate Certificate
  • Advanced Certificate
  • Advanced Plus

ICCE Basic Certificate

This certificate is designed for students with special educational needs. It provides a Record of Achievement similar to those issued by many state schools.

ICCE General Certificate

The General Certificate requires a similar level of work needed to obtain GCSEs. It covers English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Biblical Studies, and a number of options chosen by the student which would normally include Information Technology.

ICCE Intermediate Certificate

The Intermediate Certificate is at a similar standard to AS Level. Again, it includes courses in English, Mathematics and Science, building on the knowledge already acquired. There are additional courses in the Humanities including Biblical Studies.

ICCE Advanced Certificate

Many students completing this certificate go on to study at degree level. The programme content is determined by the student’s intended degree course or future career aspirations.

UK NARIC* has undertaken a benchmarking study of the ICCE qualifications and certificates and made the following statement on its website on 06/02/2012:

“A recent benchmarking study by UK NARIC has confirmed that the International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) General and Advanced Certificates can be considered to be comparable to the overall Cambridge International O and A Level standard respectively.”

For more information on this study, please visit the relevant page on the UK NARIC website: Benchmarking Study

For more information about the International Certificate of Christian Education follow this link to the ICCE Global Website: www.icce-global.org

*UK NARIC is the UK’s National Agency responsible for providing information and opinion on vocational, academic and professional qualifications from across the world.

Students from Christian Schools around the United Kingdom with ICCE Advanced Certificate have been accepted at Universities such as Oxford, Lancaster, Durham, York, and Edinburgh.