Welcome to The Vine Christian School

At The Vine Christian School, we are passionate about equipping our students to succeed in all areas of life while encouraging them in their spiritual development. We foster an environment where the students have an opportunity to be individuals and where their differences are celebrated.

As a mother of four, I share the desire for our children to have the opportunity to learn from a Bible-based, Christian education. Every child deserves to have an excellent education in a safe, stimulating, and creative environment where they are encouraged to enjoy investigating and understanding the world around them.

My experience of the traditional education system in South Africa has made me acutely aware of how easily we can pick up learning gaps in our education. We’ve all had those moments where we weren’t paying attention or misunderstood a concept being taught and have felt too embarrassed to say something to our teacher.

With a curriculum founded on the well-respected Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program, our students do not have learning gaps in their work. Using mastery learning techniques, each student is required to grasp new concepts fully before progressing. As a result, our students receive an excellent academic foundation on which to build, with an understanding of what their strengths and weaknesses are. From this foundation, they are able to find a path through life that brings them purpose, connection, fulfilment, and joy.

Just as the students are unique in their personality, we recognise that they are unique in the way that they learn. With the framework that we have, they are able to learn in a way that is helpful and conducive to their style of learning, which again celebrates the individualised learning of the child.

At our school the students benefit from a safe environment where the focus is the child. It’s a place that helps them to understand their value and worth, and that all their gifts and talents are unique to them and can be used for good.

As we seek to train up our children in the way they should go, I hope that you will enjoy seeing our school and will share in the vision we have for Christian education and that you will want to embrace it for yourself and your family.

Mrs René Esterhuizen, Headteacher