Our Seniors actively participate in the annual European Student Convention, a remarkable 5-day event hosted in the Cotswolds. This convention serves as an exceptional platform for students utilising the ACE curriculum to showcase their unique talents and abilities alongside peers from across Europe.

There are 100 different competitions to enter, of which the students choose 12, plus team events. They are encouraged to enter events across the board in academics, Bible, art and design, platform and sport. Students who do well at the regional Student Convention are allowed to enter the International Student Convention held annually in America.

One of the key advantages of attending this convention is that it provides students with the opportunity to expand their horizons and excel in multiple areas, such as sports, academics, arts, and public speaking. Some events are conducted individually, while others involve team participation. Moreover, every student benefits from establishing connections and fostering relationships with fellow ACE schools on an annual basis.

Furthermore, each evening during the convention, all attendees can come together to worship, gain insights from God's Word, and appreciate the performances of the day. This collective experience adds a sense of unity and spiritual enrichment to the overall convention.