The ICCE Qualification

The ACE curriculum carries its own certification programme, administered in the UK and Europe by the Board of the International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE). 

The ICCE certificate with which a student graduates have a structure and profile similar to International Baccalaureate and is the central feature of the Record of Achievement which accompanies each student when they leave The Vine Christian School.

It is a proven and successful qualification which allows Christians to remain true to their faith whilst allowing for the opportunity of a first-class education. The ICCE is comparable to GSCE through to A level and is recognised by many employers, colleges, and universities in the UK and elsewhere.

There are six levels of the ICCE that are available to all our students to work towards, allowing for their varying abilities. Upon completion of the appropriate coursework each student will receive a certificate showing the overall grade, which is supplemented by a breakdown of the grades achieved in individual subjects.

For more information about the ICCE follow this link to the ICCE Website.

ICCE General Certificate

The General Certificate requires a similar level of work needed to obtain GCSEs. It covers English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Biblical Studies, and several options chosen by the student which would normally include Information Technology.

ICCE Intermediate Certificate

The Intermediate Certificate is at a similar standard to AS Level. Again, it includes courses in English, Mathematics and Science, building on the knowledge already acquired. There are additional courses in the Humanities including Biblical Studies.

ICCE Advanced Certificate

The Advanced Certificate is at a similar standard to A Level. Many students completing this certificate go on to study at degree level. The programme content is determined by the student’s intended degree course or future career aspirations.


ENIC (formerly known as UK NARIC) – is the UK’s National Agency responsible for providing opinion on standards of academic and professional qualifications.

The ICCE has in the past been benchmarked by UK NARIC (2012) and found to be comparable with Cambridge International O and A Levels.  Currently, the General Level Maths and English are stated as being acceptable substitutes for GCSEs by the Department for Education.  Students completing ICCE certificates are advised to research the requirements for their chosen tertiary studies and consider whether a College Board SAT would be helpful.


ICCE has been accredited by the following bodies for the General, Intermediate, Advanced and Advanced Higher Certificates:

  1. Accreditation International (Ai): Effective July 01, 2022, through June 30, 2027.
  2. The National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA): Effective July 01, 2022, through June 30, 2027.
  3. Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA_CESS): Effective April 14, 2023, through July 1, 2029.

Further information on accreditation may be found on the ICCE website:

Further information on Ai may be found at

Further information on NCPSA may be found at

Further information on MSA may be found at