The Vine Christian School operates as a ministry that is rooted in faith. The Trustees firmly believe that God is the ultimate provider, and that financial needs are typically temporary in nature. In line with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Trustees established the Bursary Fund in January 2020. This fund aims to provide financial assistance to students seeking enrolment at the school.

Apply for a Bursary

The Bursary Fund serves as a testament to God's faithfulness and the love demonstrated by His people. It provides an opportunity for parents who are led by the Lord to enrol their children at the school, but require financial assistance to do so. All bursary applicants must complete a registration form and undergo an interview before submitting the bursary application form.

Bursaries are means tested and can be applied for by both current and prospective parents or guardians. The financial situation of applicants is confidentially assessed based on various criteria established by the school. Bursaries are awarded on an annual basis, and it is important to note that a pastoral visit may be necessary as part of the assessment process.

Please contact james.neale@thevcs.org.uk if you would like to apply for a bursary.

Make a Contribution

The Bursary Fund serves not only as a means of support for applicants, but also as a ministry for those who feel compelled by the Lord to contribute. By sowing into the lives of students and standing in the gap for parents or guardians who desire to bring their children to the school but require financial aid, donors are fulfilling a significant role. The Trustees are committed to responsibly managing these contributions as faithful stewards.

Please contact james.neale@thevcs.org.uk if you would like to make a donation.