Learning Centres

At the start of the school day, each student settles into their own ‘office’ and focuses on the day’s academic goals in the Learning Centre. While the mind is fresh, there is quietness to concentrate on the central skills of reading, writing, and mathematics.

Students in the Learning Centre work on PACEs at their own speed and according to their own ability. Using this method allows the staff to devote more time to each child. If a child is unable to solve a problem, he or she can call on the Supervisor for help. The Supervisor then works carefully with the child until the difficulty has been overcome.

Academic electives, stand-alone educational software, and learning-to-read programmes are added for enhanced learning opportunities. Practical lessons are included throughout the day and allows students to work in a group setting. This encourages team work and critical thinking skills outside of PACE work.

To help parents understand this unique style of learning they must complete the ‘Parent’s Orientation Course’.  It takes two evenings to complete and is an excellent way for parents to understand the A.C.E programme of learning, and how a student works at their own PACE under supervision within the school.