As an independent school, our school fees form the vast majority of our income. We endeavour to be accessible to all families and make every effort to keep our costs low and simple.

Fees are inclusive of all materials and activities, including the cost of attending European Student Convention for Seniors.

Fees are charged term and payable in full before the start of each term. We do not change fees during the academic year, but there is typically a small year-on-year increase.

Learning CentreAge RangeFees per term
ABC's (Age 4-5)4 - 5£1,500
Juniors6 - 9£1,650
Intermediates10 - 11£1,800
Seniors12 - 18£2,000
Fees for Academic Year 2023/24

Sibling Discounts

Parents who have more than one child at the school are eligible for a sibling discount. The sibling discount applies to the each additional child in order of age.

ChildFee Discount %
Sibling Discounts

Registration Fee

Registration is available up to 12 months in advance of the requested start date. A fee of £150 is to be paid upon registration. This covers administrative costs and essential materials for your application. This amount is non-refundable and does not ensure a placement for your child.