Students have the opportunity to be rewarded and recognised for their achievements throughout the year in a number of ways.

Honour Roll

Honour Roll is presented to students at the end of the year who have consistently achieved high grades and maintained an academic balanace.

Excellence Awards

At the end of each academic year, our staff choose the student they believe has shown excellence in a specific area. They base their decision on the skill, attitude, camaraderie, and leadership shown throughout the year. Our four main award areas are in Character, Academic Excellence, Art, and Sports.

Supervisor Awards

The Supervisor Award is given to one student from each learning centre as chosen by their supervisor. Students are chosen for showing good character, overcoming personal challenges, and showing positive growth.

Headteacher Award

The Headteacher Award is given to one student in the school who the Headteacher personally believes has shown the most growth and/or Christ-like character traits throughout the school year.