A New Look for Our School

The Vine Christian School is delighted to introduce its new logo, a visual representation of the school's commitment to providing a holistic and values-based education. The vibrant logo serves as a powerful symbol, reflecting the essence of The Vine Christian School's dedication to nurturing students academically, fostering growth, and grounding them in a Biblical worldview.

Headteacher Mrs. Esterhuizen expressed enthusiasm about the emblem, stating, "Our new logo encapsulates the very essence of our mission. It visually represents our dedication to educational excellence, personal growth, and the foundational values rooted in our Christian beliefs."

In addition, parents, students, and the community are invited to explore our more user-friendly and informative online experience on The Vine Christian School's new website. The redesigned site serves as a central hub for school information, featuring details on curriculum, faculty, and upcoming events.