Head’s Welcome


All children deserve an excellent education in a safe, stimulating and creative environment, where they are encouraged to enjoy investigating and understanding the world around them.
Academic achievement is attainable for all within the limits of ability and potential, as is the development of practical and other general skills. We aim to encourage students with the self-control to order their own lives, the initiative and skills to develop their abilities and talents, and the unselfishness to work for the good of others, as unto the Lord.

Our curriculum is a broad curriculum delivered through ACE and augmented by sports, IT, languages, field trips and more. Based on mastery learning, it instills self-motivation and a love for learning, leading to qualifications accepted by employers, Universities and Colleges.

We are aware that God has given His instructions regarding upbringing and education to parents rather than to teachers, therefore we count it a privilege that parents should ask us to share with them in training up their children in the way they should go; as partners with you in this responsibility, we will always recognise that yours is the primary voice in the life of your child.

As a school we will support parents in developing a desire in their children to know Christ in an environment that agrees with the home, where Jesus is honoured, and the children can grow in a loving and positive atmosphere.
As the world around our children is changing, we hope that you’ll share the vision for Christian education and that you will want to embrace it for yourself and your family.

With every blessing,

Mrs René Esterhuizen


Proverbs 22:6   “Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.”